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A documentary film about the Hammond Organ

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Killer B3 puts you in front, behind and inside the more than 425-pound keyboard often called the beast, the Hammond Organ. The Hammond Organ is like a pipe organ on steroids. You need the dexterity of an octopus to control its two keyboards, 36 drawbars, 25 foot pedals and its host of buttons and switches - all of which make it come alive. While there are many models of Hammond Organs, the Hammond B3 is the signature model. It spit out one of the most unique sounds used in all styles of music, including, gospel, jazz, blues, rock, country, reggae and commercial soundtracks.

Killer B3 captures the spirit and passion of players who have committed a lifetime to master the Hammond sound, choosing to make music with the complex and bulky instrument over the simplistic and portable keyboard. Killer B3 features organist, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jimmy Mcgriff, Tony Monaco, Joey DeFrancesco, Shawn Brown, Pappa John DeFrancesco, Jimmy Smith, Jr. and many others.

Over eight years in the making, Killer B3 takes you cross country, with stops in almost a dozen cities. You don’t have to be an organ player or a musician to enjoy the thrill of this documentary. Killer B3's story of passion, perseverance and preservation will educate, and inspire those familiar and new to its sound.